Minutes of meeting held on 11 April 2015

13:00pm-14:00pm (approx)

The Holiday Inn Hotel, Hinkley Road Coventry, CV2 2HP


Simon Baker
Steve Parkin
Neil Swindlehurst
Steve Butler
Dan Hutton
Tracy Parkin
Dean Taylor
Mick Walter
Tracey Walter
Steve Smith
Craig Heritage
Dion Jones
Dan Collcutt
Joanne Collcutt
Colin Lockyer
Marty Kitching
Nigel Johnson
Mike Glanfield
Terry Wilkes
Brian Smythe
Dave Taylor
Mark Leach
Andrew Benson
Horse Boy !!!
Geoff Morris

Simon Baker – President & Treasurer

Opened the Meeting with Introduction and Welcome to New Members

Steve Parkin – Secretary & Vice President

Read out Minutes from 2014 AGM and put to the floor for acceptance – accepted by Members.

Neil Swindlehurst – Chairman’s Report

Forum usage queries – Dean Taylor is available for these throughout the day.
Advised the Forum has a Technical Support Line if necessary.
New Technology is being introduced, with heavy building and forum development.
A discussion regarding Garage being missing – Neil stated he would like Members to provide write-ups for this purpose.
SEO is working – Google/USA etc and we now have a better positive attitude, seeing people are helping each other on the forum more.
Events – attendance last year was great – JAE in particular
Birthday Bash – Returning to Billing this year.

Thanked everyone for attending.
Any Questions.

Simon Baker – Treasurer Report

Provided the Accounts on Slideshow – and talked through them
Stated the Traders Income had increased
Events spends are pretty much the same as last year

Members Accepted the Accounts

Steve Parkin – Merchandise Report

New GTOUK T Shirts – new style, more up to date – they are a one-off design – we can add, or take off whatever we want, available in the Club Shop

From the new T Shirts the Club has received £275 in sponsor money prior to selling a single shirt.

Discussed other items available to Members.

Noted Member Jeemy had subsidised the GTOUK Wristbands at his own expense by 50%

Election of Officers

President – Simon Baker – Honorary Position – not for Member Vote

Simon Baker voted on as Treasurer by the Members

Vice President – Steve Parkin – Agreed by Committee

Club Secretary
Steve discussed the difficult times of taking over the membership as regards admin and bringing it back to a format we can work with in line with the new forum/technology.

Steve Parkin voted on as Club Secretary by the Members

Neil Swindlehurst – Explained how he had carried out his role, website development, organised the Birthday Bash Meet, assisted with JAE, chaired the monthly Committee Meetings

Steve Parkin gave credit & thanks to Neil for his efforts

Neil Swindlehurst voted on as Chairman by the Members

Committee Member
Steve Butler, Steve explained his involvement with:-
Banzai Magazine
General Team Effort/Behind the Scenes
Presence in the Community

Steve Butler voted on as Committee Member by the Members

Committee Member
Dan Hutton – Explained he has been very busy work wise over the last year and forthcoming year and now wishes to stand down from his Committee position
The Committee and Members thanked Dan for his hard work

Nominations for The Committee

3 received

Gavin Naish
Craig Heritage
Andrew Beanus

Simon Baker stated Gavin Naish was not able to attend due to personal circumstances, but, recommended him as a Committee Member.

Gavin Naish Voted On.

Craig Heritage stated the personal reasons he had previously stood down from the Committee, but now wants to help again.

Craig Heritage Voted On

Andrew Beanus

Stated he has plans for the Forum
Technical Write-Ups
Increasing Technical Knowledge available on the Forum

Andrew Beanus Voted On

New Rules for Joining

It was agreed by the Members:-

Joining The Committee
Requirements – 1 Year as a Full Member + Attendance at 3-4 National Meets

Legal Roles on Committee – Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary Roles
Requirements – 2 Years Full Membership + 1 Year in Previous Committee Role

Any Other Business

JAE Reps Meeting – Dan Hutton confirmed he will attended the meeting

Forum Access on Mobile Phones – Marty Kitching – having problems with accessing – Dean Taylor will discuss after meeting but new technology used on the Forum can create issues with older mobile phones.

Locations Map – Dave Taylor confirmed he will only update locations with Member’s Permissions

Club Stand Passes at Meets

After discussion with the members present it was agreed, that the GTOUK Meet Stand Passes available in the Club Shop – new rules are – 1 Stand Pass per GTO/3000GT, with the exception of being a Club Support Vehicle, any other Member with a non GTO/3000GT vehicle are welcome to park at the rear of the Club stand if the Event status/space allows i.e. on occasions it must be Japanese (JAE) – this is only applicable when the Club has surplus tickets not required by Full Club Members with GTO’s/3000GTs.

Should a member without a GTO/3000GT independently buy an event ticket from an internet based site, the same rules applies as regarding parking at the rear of the Club Stand.

JAE/Theme Fancy Dress options – to be further discussed on the Forum with ideas welcome and subsequently agreed.


GTO UK 2015 AGM Discussion – on the forum