Minutes of meeting held on the 8th April 2006


People in Attendance

Aspland Ivan

Baker Simon

Baker Robert

Beales Mark

Brannan Frankie

Burton Graham

Butcher Tony

Cox Anthony

Daniel Michael

Draisey Jonathan

Doyle John

Draper Pete

Fennell Brendan

Finch Richard

Flook Mark

Ford Robert

Freemantle James

Griffin Simon

Gyford Barry

Hamblett John

Hardwick Barry

Heritage Craig

Hewitt James

Hutton Dan

Hicks William

Hudspith Adam

Hutton Dan

Jones Dion

Kasapi Michael

Kateley Russell

Kent Hu

King Clinton

Kitching Martin

Kropelmicki James

Lambird Vaughn

Lawtey Steve

Livesey Robert

Malpass Jane

Milton Derek

Naxton Dave

Nesbit Steve

New John

Orchard Lisa

Parkin Steve

Phillips Martyn

Porter Justin

Powell Mark

Roberts Paul

Robertson Peter

Robinson Mark

Sassoon Marc

Saunders Mark

Standbridge Dave

Sturman Mark

Swidlehurst Neil

Travena Ian

Twigg Matthew

Walter Mick

Cobus Wassermann

Watkins Micah

Webb Malcolm

Webster Neil

Wheatley Peter

Wright David



Welcome and review of last year’s minutes

The meeting was opened by club president Paul Roberts who welcomed club members to the meeting, he said he was delighted to see so many faces at the meeting and hoped that suggestions for future meets could be put forward to give club members a chance to get to know each other. The minutes of last years were reviewed and accepted unanimously as an accurate account of that meeting.


Chairman’s report

Brendan thanked everyone for attending the meeting and acknowledged the high turn-out. Reviewing last years club activities, Brendan thanked Stevie for making the club banners and Neil (Fireblader) for building the banner stand, both much appreciated. Brendan also announced that GTO’s have appeared many times as features in Jap car magazines in the last year. The club has bought some new equipment including a new trailer to carry the gazebos and BBQ to events. On the matter of events, Brendan thanked members for the great turn out at JAE despite the appalling weather the event went well. The meal on Saturday evening had been a disappointment so it’s planned this year to have some entertainment laid on in the evening and better food. Brendan thanked Mark and Alison Beales for all their hard work put into planning the Christmas dinner which again was a great success.

Treasurers accounts

Membership Subscription














Web subscription




Club Printer




Post Office Box






Future Publishing


Safe and Power RCD’s






Safe store




Bank charges




Bank Balance


Total Income


Total Expenditure


b/f deposit account 2005


Surplus added 2005


Uncleared cheque 2005


Trax cash


c/f deposit account



Last years accounts were signed off and accepted by a show of hands from the members.


Election of officers

Paul Roberts – Club President

Mark Sturman – Vice President

These are two honorary positions and not subject to voting. The following positions were up for election and the following people were voted in by a show of hands.

Chairman: Brendan Fennell Treasurer Simon Baker
Secretary/External Relations Dave Naxton Membership Database Pete Draper
Events Organiser Vaughn Lambird Events Organiser Robert Livesey
Internal Relations/ Newsletter Ian Trevana Membership Secretary Mark Flook


All votes were carried unanimously.


Matters arising

A number of matters were put to the vote.


International and Associate members

Should the club allow international and associate members and if so should they be allowed to vote on matters related to the running of the club and forum? It was carried that we should have international and associate members that their annual membership fee would be £15 and they would have no voting rights.



  • Steve Lawtey ran through the changes to the website that have been made and the new rules.
  • The 20 post voting limit for new users is to remain in place and the Lounge locked down for full members only.
  • A system for reporting offensive posts has been setup each post will carry a blue card so that forum readers can report these post to the moderators. If necessary the person posting will be warned by PM, for second and third ‘offences’ a yellow then red card will be issued to that person before that person is banned from the forum. This was carried unanimously.
  • It was made absolutely clear that no racist, sexist, threatening, and political or potentially damaging to the club posts would be tolerated.
  • Other changes to the website include the addition of a chat room, an events calendar, Skype, and an events gallery.
  • Avatar sizes – maximum 150 x 150 pixels and 25KB Signature sizes – maximum 500 x 200 pixels, max length 512 characters, max six lines, font sizes will be limited but bold, italics, underlines and coloured text will be allowed. Quotations will be allowed along web links and one image less than 100KB.



Traders on the forum

Following a short discussion on who can be defined as a traders it was accepted by vote that only UK based car related traders could buy forum space. Non-car traders will be allowed to buy an advertising banner that would be viewed at the top of the forum pages. International traders would also be allowed to buy advertising banners but not forum space.

AGM location

This will be decided by the committee and subsequent AGMs will take place during the second weekend of April.

Proxy voting – forum polls

It was carried that where contentious issues are raised in the club which can affect the way that the club and forum are run can be put to vote by proxy. A poll will be set up for full members only to vote on will be posted on the forum board. A link to polls will be sent to valid email accounts to notify full members of the poll. The polls will run for seven days and the voting outcome will be treated as the decision on the matter.


Members assistance to the running of the club Events organisers

– agreed as;

National Vaughan Japfest Adam
JAE James AGM 2007 ?
Japs ? Regional South West Janey


Volunteers to organise other regional and national events would be greatly appreciated as meetings are an excellent way for club members to get to know each other. Please contact Vaughan for more information about this.



Steve Lawley will continue as club webmaster


We are pleased to announce a number of new merchandise items will be available including mugs with a heat reactive GTO logo, key rings, tax disc holders, club calendars.

Newsletter team

The newsletter team is named as Stevie, Vaughan, Janey, Ian T with Pete Draper acting as art editor. It was agreed that the newsletter should be published bi-monthly and will presented in a more professional format to enhance the image of the club. Advertising space will also be available to purchase.

Close of meeting

Brendan closed the meeting by reflecting on a successful year for the club and also thanked to committee for their hard and often un-acknowledged work behind the scenes to keep the club running.