Annual General Meeting 2003



1/ Welcome- Paul Roberts chairman welcomed everyone and called the 2nd AGM to order. The minutes of the first AGM were reviewed and accepted proposed by Paul Roberts and seconded by Ewan Kingham.


2/ Chairman’s Report-Paul spoke of how the club had grown in the last 2 years from 8 people meeting in a field to a club with 240 payed members, he then went on to comment on the success of the Essex and 3 counties area meets and encouraged other areas to organise there own local meets. Paul then talked about the Santa Pod meet that we had last year and that we may run one this year with trophies like the last meet also that we may organise another rolling road day once we have reviewed various places and options.


3/ Secretary’s Report-Apologies from Ewan Kingham as he was not able to attend the meeting.


4/ Treasurer’s Report-Simon passed out copies of the accounts and gave an analysis of the club funds to date mentioning the sponsoring of events, membership, and cost of the PO Box and the purchase of the gazeebo. Simon then proposed the acceptance of the accounts seconded by Paul Roberts and were accepted unanimously by those present.


5/ Election of Officers-Officers for the forthcoming year were proposed and voted for. Paul and Ewan stood down from there respective posts. All those nominated were unanimously accepted by those present.


a.Chairman-Brendan Fennall  Proposed by Paul Roberts seconded by Andre Edmunds.


b.Secretary-Kevin Hodgson   Proposed by Brendan Fennall seconded by Ewan Kingham.


c.Treasurer-Simon Baker       Proposed by Paul Roberts seconded by Kevin Hodgson.




d.Members Secretary-Pete Draper proposed by Paul Roberts seconded by Kevin Hodgson.


e.President-Paul Roberts proposed by Simon Baker seconded by Kevin Hodgson.



6/Other Positions


 PR Officer- Mark Sturman proposed by Brendan Fennall seconded by Rob Livesey.


Merchandising-Kevin Chown proposed by Brendan Fennall seconded by Ewan Kingham.


Web Master-Ben Hobden proposed by Brendan Fennall seconded by Kevin Hodgson.



7/Matters Arising There was discussion on whether to move the web site due to the resent problems, it was decided to set up a sub committee to discuss this and report back on their findings.


b.Sub Rates-It was decided to keep the rates the same as last year proposed by Paul Roberts seconded by Simon Baker unanimously carried.


c.Merchandise-It was decided to carry on with expanding the branded merchandise and to look into Tax Disc holders and better mugs among other things.


d.Events-After a successful year we will be promoting many more events on the GTO club site and a reminder of the national events in the coming year. There will also be a push to get more local meetings organised.



8/ Any Other Business-None arising.



9/Close of Meeting-Paul Roberts called the meeting to a close and thanked all those who attended.



Attendance-All those who attended.


Simon Baker        Paul Roberts         Brendan Fennall             Kevin Hodgson

Mark Beales        Paul Agnew           Andy Ketteringham        Peter Webber

Ben Hobden         Ian Trevena           Russ Warren                  Steve Muir

P Winterhood       Pete Southern        James from Amber Performance.