Dave Soper’s GTO TT

Name: Dave Soper
Site name davesoper64
Owned car : around 18 months
Age: 54
Location: Selby. North Yorkshire
Car: imported mk1 gto manual twin turbo. Took a chance and bought from the man in London think I was a lucky one ! sound car assured by the garage I use.
Mods: none as working to get it back to standard . These aren’t a cheap car but as my daily love it and to GTOUK life is made so much easier

Daniel Starboard’s GTO

Car: GTO MK1 TT (Jap Spec)
Power : Unknown currently
Mods: A decently longer list

Rob’s (Evil Empire Performance) GTO

Name: Rob
Forum name: GSXR KID
Age: Official Secret
Location : Rayleigh Essex
How long have you owned your car? :This one 10 years

Car: GTO MK4 Conversion
Power : Never been dyno’ed but if it does not get over 550BHP this time it’s gonna get burned !!
Mods: A massive list and i mean massive full post to be put up very soon
Look: You cant beat the ageless look of the MK4 !!

David Cunneen’s GTO

Mk1 Gto twin turbo 1991 running at 300bhp /400bhp.at the moment.
My age 39
And I’m from Cheltenham.
Been the owner of this Gto for 4years.

Nick Hall’s 3000GT

Name: Nick Halls
Forum name: tarmac terrorist
Age: 39
Location : gloucester
How long have you owned your car? : 4 years

Car: 3000 gto twin turbo

Craig Heritage’s 3000GT

Name : Craig Heritage
Age : 40 :flushed: That still makes me laugh :joy:
Location : Redditch
Owned 1 GTO for 11 years and 1 GT for nearly a week
Car 1997 3000GT
Mileage : 160k , get in :sunglasses:
Power : none it’s in bits
Plans : lots

Scott Sharpe’s GTO

Name: Scott Sharpe
Forum name: sco1gto /scoob
Age: 49
Location : Bellshill north Lanarkshire

Car: 1994 gto tt mr
Power : 400+

Mart’s GTO

Name: Mart
Forum name: Cantfindthegenepool
Age: 12
Location: Essex
How long have you owned your car: 4.5 years
Car: 1993 Mk1 GTO TT 5 speed import
Mileage: Over 200,000


Saj Khan’s GTO

Name: Saj Khan
Forum name: PenaltyCharge
Age: 37
Location : Alfreton
How long have you owned your car? : 13 years

Car: Very late 1993 MK1 GTO
Power: Unsure
Special features / comments: Full forged engine rebuild, stand alone ECU, Sparco R333 seatss, flocked interior (uncluding boot), Air ride suspension, entirely custom made bodywork.

Jerry Castle’s GTO

Supercharged mk2
Started life as an SR, too many mods to list undergoing rebuild, not too long now
Just over 500 brake on the dyno.