Scott Robertshaw’s GTOMR

Name : Scott Robertshaw
Age : old enough not to declare
Location : Northampton
Owned 3rd gto,1st being a silver na,2nd mk1 tt
Car 1995 GTOMR in the best colour
Mileage : 100k

Jerry Gauci’s GTO

Name:Jerry Gauci
Occupation:pastry chef manager
Car:mitsubishi gto tt

Lee Jones’s GTO

Name: Lee Jones
Age: 36
Location: Chester
Owned 2 GTO’s – 1st one 7 years…current one 2 years
Car: 1998 GTO N/A manual
Milage: 41000 miles
Power- standard 220bhp
Special features: rota alloys, dba brake discs, custom exhaust, blueflame Downpipe, decat, lightweight bride seats, omp steering wheel, aircon removal, tein lowering springs.

Jensen Richardson’s GTO

Name: Jensen Richardson
Location: Bedford
Age: 34
Previous Gto: Mk1 1992 gto n/a
Car: 1993 Gto TT
Owned Car: 6 Months
Power: Standard

Mick Carroll’s GTO

Name: Mick Carroll
Username :
Age: 45
Live: Chesterfield.
Owned car for 7 years.
One of only 287 MK3’s worldwide.

Daniel Collcutt’s 3000GT

Name: Daniel Collcutt
Forum name: d_collcutt
Age: 30
Location: Crawley, West Sussex
How long have you owned your car? 9 Years

Car: 3000GT UK spec
Power: Standard
Special features / comments : Deft Racing VLS door hinges

Ben’s GTO

Name: ben
Forum name: bencostello
Location: portsmouth
Age: 27
Car: GTO TT 1992 imported in 95 sadly no paperwork.
Mileage: 56000 miles

Mazz’s GTO

Name: Mazz
Forum name: Mesobitchi
Age: 32
Location : Swindon, Wilts
How long have you owned your car? : 6 weeks

Car: 1992 Mk 1 GTO

Becky Weatherburn’s GTO

Name: Becky Weatherburn
Forum name: BexGTO
Age: 31
Location : Rugby
How long have you owned your car? : 1 year

Car: 1992 Mk 1 GTO N/A
Power : no clue
Special features / comments: SV in Coarse Grey, every time me and delilah go to a meet I learn something new about her.

James Jones’s 3000GT

Name: James Jones
Forum name: Jamesta1982
Age: 32
Location: Tidworth, Wiltshire

Car: mk2 1999 3000gt UK spec in Red
Car is fairly standard with 320bhp