Buying a GTO – NAS – My Story

My reason for buying my GTO

I drove past a garage and fell in love with the looks of a Silver Mitsubishi GTO.

The garage told me I was too young for insurance as it was a twin-turbo, so I thought maybe one day 🙁

I then put a deposit down for a White FTO very tastefully modified, and when I went to pick it up they were delivering a GTO. I told the dealer I really wanted one and he told me it was a “NA” (Naturally Aspirated) model.  He told me to drive the GTO round the block while he sorted the paperwork for another customer, then he would get the FTO paperwork sorted.  In the meantime he called an insurance company for me which I didn’t know about. I got back he told me I could get insured, so guess which car I took home 🙂

My parents was expecting an FTO, their faces were priceless.

14 years later I still own a GTO

The only break I have had from owning GTO’s was because I got fed up of being pulled over.

So I brought a nice Audi A6 after two months I thought I would test drive a GTO Twin-Turbo, again I drove it home.

The Twin-Turbo was so quick compared to the NA model, I did not know get my head round it. However before the car went I found out it was 560bhp and full of upgrades, no-wonder it felt so different. This car turned out to be a bit of a headache as I struggled to find someone who would tune it, so I started searching on the internet and found GTOUK.  I owe the GTO club so much for all the years of help; I won’t be going anywhere else as I have become one of the GTO club family.

Cars I have owned

Check out a few of the cars I have owned including five Mitsubishi GTO MK1’s.